PHR Bolt-In Fuel Cell Installation for 93-98 Toyota Supra

Kit includes:

  • Bolt in Fuel Cell (Anodizing and Powder coating Optional)
  • -8AN Rollover Valve
  • 3ft of ½” Hose for Breather
  • Breather Fitting with ½ Barb Adapter
  • Hanger Clamp Ring with M5 Hardware (8)
  • 2” Filler Hose with Hose Clamp (2)
  • Gas Cap Assembly (Includes Base, Lock Ring, and Cap)
  • 8AN 90deg Bulkhead for Optional Return Line(cap provided)
  • 12AN Plug (2)


Step 1:

Remove Gas Tank from vehicle, follow Toyota manual. You will be reusing 4 mounting bolts to mount your cell in place. Highly recommend the use of a lift.

Step 2:

Prepare your fuel pump hanger for installation in the fuel cell, see instruction on PHR Triple Walbro install for the details. When sliding hanger into the tank always start with the fuel sender, being careful not to damage it. You may need to bend bracket slightly to clear sump section of fuel cell. Before bolting down the hanger ensure the fuel level sender has free movement up and down and avoids any possible snags. Also remember to run your return line to the bottom of the sump if you are using the hanger for your return line.

The hanger is sealed with provided O-ring, do not use OEM gasket. Bolt the hanger ring into place with provided M5 Hardware.

Note: Once the cell is installed in the car, it may be difficult to tighten the hose end for your tank breather to the provided roll over valve. Attach the 90deg fitting to rollover port and point toward front of vehicle and tighten into place. (In picture you can see space is limited to get a wrench to tighten hose end down)

Step 3:

With hanger installed and breather line attached, you can now install the cell into the vehicle. It will use the 4 OEM mounting points (see pics). It may be helpful to have an extra hand here to hold tank in place while you bolt to car. You may also use a trans jack to help lift. Secure hardware in place.

Step 4:

Reattach bumper support clips to fuel cell, there are a total of 4 push clips here.

Step 5:

You can now install the Filler Cap into the OEM plastic cover, The base will be slotted to line up with OEM piece from the backside. Pictures detail this removed from car but this is not necessary for install. Using lock ring, sandwich the fill cap base firmly into place. Using a screw driver or similar tool use the reliefs in the ring to secure the ring into place. You can now install cap on the assembly

Step 6:

You can now attach the filler neck hose from gas cap base to tank. Using provided hose clamps to secure neck in place. Make sure line is free of kinks and is not rubbing on framerail.

Step 7:

You can now run breather line up to the top of the filler neck, you want this to be the highest point of the assembly, Please secure in place with zip ties.

Step 8:

Your installation is nearly complete, instructions from here forward will now vary based on your feed and return line configuration. On your return lines we recommend running a line to the bottom of the tank into the sump area. If you need help or recommendations from here please reach out via email or phone.

PHR Triple Walbro Fuel Pump Hanger for S14 Installation Instructions